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BYOND Software
Make your own multiplayer game using a set of development tools and set up online access, define game modes and create a network of players. The suite also features sharing options for users to access the games made by others, a simplified programming toolset and multiple tutorials.

Byond is a suite of tools intended for creating and playing online multiplayer games. It is composed of a desktop client that allows accessing games from the BYOND (Build Your Own Net Dream) network. Moreover, it comes with two other tools: Dream Maker and Dream Damon, which let you create your own games.

The client’s interface is very easy to use. There is a left-side pane that allows finding, downloading and playing your favorite games. Luckily, there is an extensive list containing 2D indie games. For each game, you can view a description and other data. Similarly, you can decide to play a game in single-player mode or host it for others to join. Good news is that most games do not even require having a BYOND account, which, by the way, is absolutely free. However, it is a good idea to have your own account in case you want to keep a record of your accomplishments.

Dream Maker, in turn, is the tool you can use to create a game. In this respect, it comes with all the features you need for such task. It comes with built-in editors for your code, icons, maps and skins. In my opinion, using an exclusive programming language called DM is a limitation: Although it resembles other languages, like C++, Java and PHP, you will have to learn it from scratch. Finally, there is Dream Maker, which lets you create new worlds.

All in all, Byond gives you access to a huge online library of indie games, to which you can contribute with your own creations. Good news there is a large community of players and developers that support it. The product is absolutely free to use.

Pedro Castro
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  • Provides access to a long list of games
  • Allows playing without a BYOND account
  • Built-in tools to create games


  • Exclusive programming language you need to learn from scratch
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